Stanford EdLEADers

Professional Certificate Program


Please find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

I have worked as a school district deputy superintendent for three years, but am currently working for a national education consultancy, providing curriculum and training to school district leaders. Am I eligible to apply?

Yes. Both your district-level experience and current role, supporting district leaders, make you eligible to apply.

I have fifteen years’ experience in teaching and administration and have been a principal at a public high school for the past three years. Do I qualify to apply?

Stanford EdLEADers cohort members have experience in leadership roles across a school system, which typically includes multiple schools. If you have reviewed our eligibility requirements and the FAQs, and are still unsure whether you are eligible to apply, please contact us at

Does the Stanford EdLEADers program allow for a path to an advanced degree?

Stanford EdLEADers is a professional development program designed to equip and empower superintendents and aspiring superintendents. Participants who complete the program will receive a professional certificate from the Graduate Schools of Education and Business and will be credited 18 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). Completion of the program will not result in credits that can be used towards an advanced degree.

How does the Stanford EdLEADers program compare to a superintendent certificate program?

The Stanford EdLEADers program is complementary to a superintendent certificate program. Stanford EdLEADers is a professional development program; completion of the program will not result in a superintendent certificate.

Tuition for the Stanford EdLEADers program is more than my district will fund for my professional development. Is there any financial aid available?

Stanford EdLEADers program tuition is $15,000. For our Spring 2022 cohort, we have secured a subsidized tuition price of $9,500 for all accepted applicants who apply by the priority deadline. We are also offering a two-payment tuition plan that would allow most participants to spread the cost of the program over two fiscal years. See details here.

Is there any travel required for participation in this program?

There is no required travel for the program. Coursework will all take place in a virtual environment. We will host one attendance-optional event on the Stanford University campus to acknowledge participants’ successful completion of  the program and to provide an opportunity for cohort members to meet in person. Details on the timing of the celebration will be provided to accepted applicants.

What is the time commitment as an enrolled participant in the Stanford EdLEADers?

Stanford EdLEADers is designed for the working professional. Participants can expect to spend 3–4 hours per week in course-related activities.


If you still can’t find the answer to your question about Stanford EdLEADers after reviewing the FAQs, please contact us.