Stanford EdLEADers

Professional Certificate Program

Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible to apply for Stanford EdLEADers, you must have a minimum of two years’ experience in a central office leadership role and currently perform work that impacts multiple school sites, such as:

  • superintendent or assistant superintendent;
  • director or other system-level education leader;
  • education professional who advises school-system leaders; or
  • county- or state-wide policy maker.

*all school systems are eligible: charter, public, independent (including parochial)


Application Process

Applications are currently not being reviewed at this time.

Successful Candidates

Successful candidates for Stanford EdLEADers have:

  • a desire to participate fully and interact regularly with his/her cohort, facilitators, and course instructors;
  • 3–4 hours weekly to devote to course work;
  • a moderate comfort level with technology to engage in a computer-based, virtual learning experience;
  • strong written and verbal communication skills; and
  • professional expertise or skills to share with your cohort.