Stanford EdLEADers

Professional Certificate Program


We launched the Stanford EdLEADers program in 2017, building on the success of the GSB LEAD program, and wanting to address the needs of education decision-makers. Through Stanford EdLEADers, we created a program that brought together research-based professional development from the GSB and the GSE with job-imbedded assignments that taught education system leaders relevant skills and built a lasting professional network, all through a 100% virtual format. 


We are thrilled to celebrate another group of education leaders who finished the program this June. While there are many testimonials of program effectiveness measured with both personal and professional wins, we are going to pause any future application cycles starting July 1, 2022, and review options for how to revamp the program in a more sustainable, post-pandemic-friendly model. If you would like to receive an update about the new program, add your name and contact info to this form. Please stay in touch with us by signing up for our quarterly Professional Learning newsletter. 

Designed for Education System Leaders

The Stanford EdLEADers professional certificate program is designed to address the opportunities and challenges of K–12 education system leaders nationwide and equip them to effect innovation and systemic improvement in their districts. View fact sheet.

Key Benefits

Key program benefits identified by our applicants:

  • collaboration with peer leaders nationwide
  • tapping into insights, latest research, best practices from Stanford faculty
  • flexibility of online learning environment
  • combined Graduate Schools of Business and Education curriculum
  • solutions and frameworks that are immediately applicable to real problems of equity and successful change management
  • Stanford’s reputation for quality and rigor

Who Should Apply

Program applicants are proven K–12 districts leaders with a minimum two years’ system-level leadership experience. Past and current cohort members serve in a variety of leadership roles at organizations and districts in urban, rural and suburban settings, nationwide. Stanford EdLEADers share a common passion to grow expectations, agency and opportunities for each and every student in their influence.

Please see Eligibility page for more information on eligibility and application process. Contact us with questions.

“The opportunity to work with like minds across the landscape was the most powerful piece for me. Stanford did the screening and created access to other strong leaders who are out there, trying to move and change things.” 

Carmen R. Darville

Chief of Staff | YES Prep Public Schools

Virtual Learning Tailored for Education Professionals

Designed intentionally as a virtual, flexible learning opportunity for working professionals, Stanford EdLEADers offers all the benefits of individual, online instruction delivered through a structured, collaborative cohort experience. A combination of job-embedded, individual and team-based assignments offer participants new frameworks and skills to positively impact student outcomes.


Connects research to practice
Camaraderie and collaboration
Nationwide peer cohort

Learning Experience

Program participants take one pre-designated course per 10-week quarter (summers excluded) over six quarters. Learn more about the EdLEADers curriculum.

Graduate School of Education (GSE) courses: Leading for Opportunity, Leading for Learning, Managing Organizational Systems

Graduate School of Business (GSB) courses: Leading Effective Teams, Mobilizing for Successful Change, Getting (More of) What You Want


Participants can expect a 3–4 hour weekly commitment, engaging in:

  • individual and team-based assignments
  • reading or viewing course materials
  • meeting virtually with cohort team members
  • two live sessions with Stanford faculty per quarter
  • connecting with course facilitators via messaging or office hours 
  • providing and receiving feedback to/from cohort members

Upcoming Cohorts

Applications are currently not being accepted at this time.